• Double Bed
  • 2 Persons
  • Private Pool
  • Bathtub

About Royal Suite

With room size of 85 m2, Royal Suite room is very comfortable not only for the New Honey moon couple but also those who would be celebrating an Anniversary Wedding.

The facilities of this room are basically similar than the Deluxe one, in term of completely interior and facilities , luxury and stylist teak wood furniture, splendid jungle view visible, suitable space for having romantic dinner, but however the only one point of view that is private infinity pool, as the different.

The infinity pool would be totally upgraded and elevated you’re experience and maximize the quality of time for having togetherness while on holiday.

It is not necessary for having rusty time to be at main pool as your admiral, and for having floating breakfast or dinner would be also available by having certain charge.

Through to an International experience Chef all the food with the diverse flavor east met west nor event traditional Balinese food will pumper your taste buds.

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